2017 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

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Location: University of Notre Dame (View on map )

Rochona Majumdar

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies is pleased to host the 66th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, September 15–16, 2017. The MCAA seeks to promote Asian studies both at the university and the secondary and primary levels, and particularly to encourage scholarly interchange between Asianists located in the Midwest, though scholars from all regions are invited to participate.

Confirmed keynote lectures will be given by: 

  • Prof. Katherine Bowie (Southeast Asian Studies & Anthropology, University of Wisconsin)
  • Prof. Rochona Majumdar (South Asian Studies & Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago)
  • Prof. Guobin Yang (East Asian Studies & Sociology and Communication, University of Pennsylvania)

The complete 2017 MCAA Conference schedule is available for download here: 2017 MCAA Program.