The mission of the Liu Institute is to provide a forum for integrated and multidisciplinary research and teaching on Asia and its diaspora. The Liu Institute supports innovative projects that actively combine teaching, research, and social engagement, creating a unique model of rounded education on Asia. The Institute also promotes general awareness, understanding, and knowledge of Asia and its diaspora through organizing public events and supporting student and faculty scholarship and engagement with partners in Asia. 

To pursue its mission, the Institute convenes a robust and dedicated body of nearly 100 faculty fellows from nearly every department on campus—all with academic or personal interest in Asia—who not only teach Asian studies courses from a variety of disciplines, but also engage in Asia-related research, often inviting students to join them as collaborators. 

The Liu Institute connects all members of the Notre Dame community—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—to Asia, as well as connecting with partners and collaborators in Asia. Signature events, such as the Asia Leadership Forum, the Asian American Distinguished Speaker Series, and the Justice and Asia Distinguished Lecture, anchor a engaging public events calendar.

The Institute is forging an international network by bringing distinguished speakers to campus, welcoming accomplished visiting scholars from across Asia, and collaborating with Notre Dame's global gateways and peer institutions of higher education. 

There are countless ways to engage with and learn about Asia, and the Liu Institute invites anyone with an interest to join a lecture, panel discussion, class, project, or performance that will enrich your understanding of Asia.