Endowed by a gift from the RM Liu Foundation, the Institute for Asia and Asian Studies creates a centralized infrastructure to enhance the University's portfolio of ongoing scholarship and programming in Asian Studies.

"If our goal is to prepare students for the world that faces them when they graduate, then understanding Asia is an absolute necessity. Our goal is to establish a world class, renowned and multi-disciplinary institute that leverages Notre Dame's strengths and that is consistent with the University's overarching missions."

– Justin Liu

Our Mission

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies provides a forum for integrated and multi-disciplinary research and teaching on Asia. It supports innovative projects that actively combine teaching, research, and social engagement, creating a unique model of rounded education on Asia. The Institute also promotes general awareness, understanding, and knowledge of Asia, through organizing public events and supporting student and faculty scholarship and engagement with partners in Asia. 

We seek:

  • To develop Asia-focused programs that foster collaborative and multidisciplinary scholarship and advance our knowledge of cultural, social, historical, political, economic, ethical, scientific, technological, environmental, and religious issues within a global context that support and are supported by Notre Dame's Catholic character and institutional identity.
  • To support education and provide opportunities relating to Asia for Notre Dame Students that equip them with relevant knowledge, expertise, and ethical values to become leaders in a changing global landscape that is increasingly shaped by Asia and its relationships to the rest of the world.