Asia in Global Perspective

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies provides a forum for integrated and multidisciplinary research and teaching on Asia. It supports innovative projects that actively combine teaching, research, and social engagement, creating a unique model of rounded education on Asia. The Institute also promotes general awareness, understanding, and knowledge of Asia through organizing public events and supporting student and faculty scholarship and engagement with partners in Asia.

If our goal is to prepare students for the world that faces them when they graduate, then understanding Asia is an absolute necessity.

— Justin Liu '00

Keough School of Global Affairs

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies is part of the Keough School of Global Affairs, advancing integral human development through research, policy, and practice.

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Liu Institute Highlights

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Asia Leadership Forum

The Asia Leadership Forum invites world leaders from Asia to discuss relevant topics within a global context.

Asia News

South Asia Group

An interdisciplinary coalition of Liu Institute fellows with South Asia research interests, the South Asia Group hosts lectures, panel discussions, student presentations, and other academic gatherings.

Fukushima Students In Hard Hats

Justice and Asia

With Justice and Asia support, a multidisciplinary team of faculty and students are studying resilience in Fukushima.

Connecting Students

Connecting Students to Asia

The Liu Institute offers a supplementary major (AS2) and a minor (MAS) in Asian Studies that teach undergraduates about Asia through a range of disciplines. Additionally, the Liu Institute supports students of all levels to explore Asia outside the classroom through language study, research projects, internships, service work, and other opportunities.