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ASIA Courses

The Liu Institute is the home for Asian Studies (ASIA) courses at Notre Dame. ASIA courses explore Asian ideas, individuals, and institutions across time. One-credit "gateway" courses introduce students to the breadth and depth of Asian Studies, while three-credit courses offer students a deep dive into the specific concepts and events that have and continue to shape Asia and the world. With an emphasis on learning beyond the classroom, specialized ASIA courses offer immersive experiences in Asia and elsewhere.

The Liu Institute's academic programs currently consist of the supplementary major in Asian Studies and the minor in Asian Studies. The courses offered under the ASIA course code fulfill various curricular requirements within the Asian Studies programs. Students from all majors and colleges are welcome to enroll in ASIA courses.

NameInstructor(s)Course NumberTerm
American Adventurism in the Muslim World Mahan Mirza
30604 Fall 2023
Ancient Japan Julia Thomas
30110 Fall 2021
Anime Themes and Theory Kevin Mulholland
33310 Spring 2023
Approaching Asia Michel Hockx
13105 Fall 2023
Asian Spiritualities and Global Affairs Alexander Hsu
30605 Fall 2023
Beginning Hindi I 17001 Fall 2023
Beginning Hindi II 10154 Fall 2023
Buddhism in America Thomas Tweed
30133 Fall 2022
Capstone Thesis 48512 Fall 2023
"Charlie Don't Surf" and Other Stories from Southeast Asia Eric Haanstad
30341 Spring 2021
Chinese Civilization and Culture Xiaoshan Yang
30403 Spring 2023
Chinese Literary Traditions Xiaoshan Yang
33102 Fall 2023
Chinese Philosophy Mike Zhao
43129 Fall 2023
Chinese Popular Culture Xian Wang
30404 Fall 2023
Chinese Religious World Today Lionel Jensen
30108 Fall 2023
Chinese Ways of Thought Lionel Jensen
30101 Fall 2023
Christianity and Buddhism Matthew Vale
Robert Pomplum
20807 Spring 2022
Christianity and World Religions Bradley Malkovsky
20828 Spring 2023
Cities, States, and Global Governance Kyle Jaros
40403 Spring 2022
Classical Chinese Yongping Zhu
30501 Fall 2023
Climate, Economics and Business Ethics Eva Dziadula
Jessica McManus Warnell
30800 Spring 2022
Connecting Asia Kyle Jaros
30002 Spring 2023
Contention in China Victoria Hui
30492 Fall 2023
Democracy in Modern South Asia Susan Ostermann
20200 Fall 2022
Digital Empires Liang Cai
30056 Fall 2022
Directed Readings 36000 Fall 2023
Early Chinese Empires Liang Cai
30147 Spring 2023
East Asian Ways of Life Kyung Ran Ko
Fall 2022
East Asian Ways of Life (LONDON) Lana Ko
Spring 2022
East Asia's Global Cities Kyle Jaros
30006 Spring 2022
Engaging Religions Alexander Hsu
30600 Spring 2023
Exploring Korean History and Culture Yeonhee Yoon
30340 Spring 2023
Fukushima Case Study Jessica McManus Warnell
30180 Spring 2021
Global Asia Elisabeth Koll
Karrie Koesel
20451 Fall 2023
Global Cultural Worlds Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo
20203 Fall 2023
Global Migrations Maurizio Albahari
30305 Spring 2021
Global Tokyo: A City of Space and Place Kevin Mulholland
33849 Spring 2022
Global Visual Culture Christopher Ball
33201 Spring 2023
Green Japan Julia Thomas
30111 Spring 2022
History of China to 1644 Liang Cai
30146 Fall 2020
India and South Asia Nikhil Menon Shivram
30171 Fall 2023
Introduction to Japanese Civilization and Culture Michael Brownstein
30413 Fall 2023
Japanese Monsters and Magic Kevin Mulholland
33330 Spring 2023
Korean Society and Politics Sharon Yoon
30112 Fall 2023
Law and Society in Asia Susan Ostermann
43500 Fall 2023
Manga and the Picture Book of Edo Japan, 1770-1830 Kevin Mulholland
33851 Fall 2022
Media and Politics in East Asia Sharon Yoon
30309 Spring 2021
Modern Chinese Literature Xian Wang
33848 Spring 2023
Modern India and Pakistan Nikhil Menon Shivram
30094 Spring 2023
Modern Islamic Thought Ebrahim Moosa
20600 Fall 2023
Modern Japan Julia Thomas
30120 Spring 2023
Modern Japanese Literature Kevin Mulholland
33320 Spring 2023
Policymaking for a Global Era Joshua Eisenman
30400 Fall 2022
Political Economy of East Asian Development Kyle Jaros
30200 Fall 2022
Politics of China Karrie Koesel
30465 Spring 2023
Population Dynamics Richard Williams
43402 Spring 2021
Production Workshop:Tuko!Tuko! Anton Juan
30040 Spring 2023
Qing China: History, Fiction, and Fantasy Iris Ma
33327 Spring 2023
Race in Asia 40763 Spring 2022
Revolution Literature Modern Japan Amanda Kennell
30320 Fall 2023
Seeing Anime Amanda Kennell
30330 Fall 2023
Shakespeare and Asia Peter Holland
Tarryn Chun
40130 Spring 2023
Sushi and the Culture of Japan Food Kevin Mulholland
33841 Fall 2022
The Asian American Experience Jennifer Huynh
30117 Fall 2023
The China Challenge Victoria Hui
30228 Spring 2021
The Samurai: Classical Japanese Literature Michael Brownstein
33317 Fall 2022
U.S.- China Relations Joshua Eisenman
30409 Spring 2022