Supplementary Major in Asian Studies

The supplementary major in Asian Studies emphasizes the study of Asia as an integral part of the world today. Students study a wide array of approaches with regard to Asia, including its history, culture, society, politics, literature, language, and religion. Required courses emphasize an interdisciplinary perspective through cross-listed classes found throughout Notre Dame.


24 credit hours* of Asia-related courses fulfilling each of the following: 

  • 3 credits of History 
  • 3 credits of Literature or Culture
  • 3 credits of Humanities (Theology or Philosophy) OR an additional 3 credits of Literature/Culture
  • 3 credits of Social Science (Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology)
  • 9 credits of General Electives that can include up to 6 credit hours of Language
  • 3 credits of Upper-Level curriculum taken during the senior year that culminates in a capstone project 

* Students are encouraged to study abroad in order to enrich their understanding of Asia with first-hand experience. Up to 12 credit hours from courses taken abroad at official Notre Dame study abroad programs can be counted toward the Asian studies supplementary major.