Academic Programs

The Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies offers a supplementary major and a minor in Asian Studies. We also partner with the Department of Economics to offer students an international economics major.

Through these academic programs, the institute introduces students to the complexity of the continent of Asia. Students can select courses in a wide variety of fields, such as anthropology, East Asian languages and cultures, economics, film, television, theatre, history, political science, psychology, and theology.

Why Asian Studies?

According to the World Population Clock, in 2013 60% of the World’s population is Asian in addition to the fact that 12 of the 20 most heavily populated countries are located in Asia. The world is becoming increasingly global and Asia is no longer a mystery. The barriers of communication and distance are crumbling and now people are faced with differing customs, values, beliefs, cultures and languages. Trained professionals and students are needed to help facilitate this transition.

To become a part of this rapidly changing world, research and learning about Asia will help prepare tomorrow’s professionals and leaders to engage in this international environment.  Whether your interests lie in business, law, politics, diplomacy, NGO’s, translating, interpreting, teaching, the travel industry, etc. an Asian Studies major or minor will maximize your potential. Here at Notre Dame, students study both Asian history and current aspects of culture, society, politics, literature, language, religion, etc. to make the student as well-rounded and as well-versed as possible.

To stay competitive in today’s ever evolving work force, one must have a thorough comprehension of the multicultural challenges that exists in today’s global business environment. Our Asian Studies supplemental major and minor equips our students with the skills and knowledge to remain competitive in today’s international environment. It also properly prepares our students who wish to attend Graduate School regardless of the field.

A major or minor in Asian Studies not only enhances your portfolio, resume, and transcripts, but it also sets you apart from others and grants you versatility and flexibility within your intended career path.