Violinist Patrick Yim performs The Dialects


Location: LaBar Performance Hall (View on map )


Patrick Yim, assistant professor of violin in the department of music, is a faculty fellow of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.

In this multidisciplinary project, Yim and Yip examine Chinese heritage in Chinatowns in the USA through field recordings and other collected artifacts. The project includes a gallery display of scores, artifacts, and graphic scores combining traditional notation with Generative AI art, and culminates in a live performance of The Dialects (2023), a newly composed piece for violin and electronics. The solo violin program also includes John Liberatore's Strange, High Sky (2023) and Matthew Schreibeis' Fragile Remembrance (2023).

Solo Violin Program:
John Liberatore: Strange, High Sky (2023)

Matthew Schreibeis: Fragile Remembrance (2023)

Austin Yip: The Dialects (2023)


You can watch this performance live here.

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