Dafydd Fell Lecture:Taiwan's Green Parties: Alternative Politics in Taiwan


Fell Book Cover

About the Speaker

Dafydd Fell’s interest in Taiwanese politics began after a year as a language student in Taipei in the late 1980s. After graduating from a degree in Chinese Studies he spent most of the 1990s working in Taiwan in the education, broadcasting, tourism, agricultural and sports management sectors. Being an eyewitness to Taiwan’s transition away from authoritarian rule has helped shape his subsequent research at SOAS. He joined the SOAS Politics Department as a PhD student in 1999 and has been teaching here since 2003.



About the Lecture

Examining the Green Party Taiwan (GPT) since its establishment through the aftermath of the most recent national elections in January 2020, Fell will share insights from his new book which focuses on Taiwan’s most important movement party over the last two and a half decades. Despite its limited electoral impact, its leaders have played a critical role in a range of social movements, including anti-nuclear and LGBT rights campaigns.

This guest lecture is part of Professor Karrie Koesel’s  “Politics of China” course. Advanced registration is required.