Labor Café Discussion: The Care Economy


Location: Zoom

The Higgins Labor Program's Labor Café convenes the Notre Dame community for casual conversation on contemporary questions about work, workers, and workplaces. What rights and protections should those who work for others have? What's the proper role for government in the economy? How should we address enduring problems of inequality, poverty, and lack of opportunity? And what does Catholic Social Teaching have to say about these labor questions? Participants choose the concrete topics, all people are welcome, and all opinions are entertained.

The conversation on March 5 will examine the care economy. What is it? Who works in it, and why are they paid so poorly? And what is the Biden Administration's vision for it? Dan Graff, director of the Higgins Labor Program, will facilitate the conversation. 

The discussion serves as a lead-in to the virtual visit by Ai-jen Poo, Cofounder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Association on March 11. Her appearance is cosponsored by the Higgins Labor Program.

Resources to get the conversation started: 


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