Lecture by Se-Woong Koo: “How to Start (and Close) a Media Startup: Lessons on Journalism in/from South Korea”


Se Woong Koo Photo

What does it mean to write about another country as a 'journalist'? What do foreign correspondents actually do in their job? What is South Korea's media environment like? Can one always trust what's printed in the name of international coverage, even by the best known names in the industry? 

In 2014 Se-Woong Koo founded a English-language media startup called Korea Exposé to fill a gap in reporting about South Korea. He will answer the above questions and speak about his experience in journalism, which included being a regular commentator at major English-language news outlets such as the New York Times and Al Jazeera.

Koo's lecture is part of the course Media and Politics in East Asia taught by Sharon Yoon, assistant professor of Korean Studies.

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