Symposium on Linguistics and Chinese Pedagogy


Location: Jenkins Nanovic Hall, Mediation Room (View on map )

Linguistics and Chinese Pedagogy  语言学与汉语教学

Presenters and Topics: 
Audrey Li: A linguistic approach to effective language teaching and learning (从语言学迈向高效率的语言教学).
Zhiqiang Li: Syllable Structure in Mandarin: Phonotactics and Pronunciation (普通话音节结构: 拼合关系与发音).
Chao Fen Sun: Different scalar meanings between Chinese and English adjectives: on Good and others (英汉形容词不同的度含义: 形容词“好”及其他).
Hongyin Tao: Developing Discourse Interactional Competence in Chinese L2  (汉语二语习得中交际互动能力的培养:语言学理论与教学实践).

Full program: Program Linguistics And Chinese Pedagogy 2018 10 27 (PDF) 

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Organized by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of Notre Dame.