Lecture by Huang Shan: How China’s Tech Sector Will Shape Itself and the World


Location: Hesburgh Center C103 (View on map )

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How does China's pursuit of high-tech prowess shape its economy and society and its global outreach program? This talk will examine funding sources, decision-making structures, and important sectors that drive domestic innovation with particular attention to semiconductor sector (which is set to be the next "battlefield" in China's drive for a technological high ground). Amid China's drive for tech prowess, it will mobilize and leverage all the resources and players available at home and abroad, which dictates the course of China in the foreseeable future.

Shan Huang is the Beijing-based deputy managing editor and an editorial board member of Caixin Media, a financial and business news service, and manages Caixin’s bureaus in Washington, DC, New York City, and Tokyo. He also contributes to the English language edition of Caixin’s print and online publications, and previously served as international editor of Caijing Magazine.

While on sabbatical at the University of Notre Dame this fall, Huang will study the sustainability and resilience of the Chinese economy under Xi Jinping, focusing on the innovation-driven new economy, as well as Chinese foreign affairs in the Xi era.

Cosponsored with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies