Angela Reed: Reframing Human Trafficking—a Human Rights, Life Course Approach


Location: 1130 Eck Hall of Law

Angela Reed Awg

Young women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation have unique perceptions about their lives and the significance of having been trafficked. Angela Reed will share aspects of her research with formerly trafficked Filipino women. Grounded in an ethical, transformative and critical feminist methodology she will highlight the importance of gaining knowledge about human trafficking from those who have experienced it firsthand. Dr. Reed will illustrate how her findings from the research subvert stereotypes of a homogenous sex trafficking experience and point to the need for a life course, rights-based approach to anti-trafficking policy and prevention.

Dr. Angela Reed RSM is a Sister of Mercy and a graduate of RMIT University’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, Melbourne, Australia. Over the years she has integrated her professional background in education, social work and theology to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to research, service provision and public advocacy. Her primary research interest is on gendered violence and in particular human trafficking.  Prior to her research Angela was coordinating a women’s safe house in Melbourne Australia where she encountered many women and children who were experiencing violence and abuse. She is currently Interim Coordinator at Mercy International Association: Global Action at the United Nations, New York, where she engages at an interdisciplinary level with global policy addressing human trafficking. Angela co-edited the book I Have a Voice: Trafficked Women – in their own words in 2015, with Philippine social worker, Marietta Latonio. 

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