Robert W. Heffner: Beyond Liberalism?


Location: Hesburgh Center C103


Beyond Liberalism? Lessons on Pluralism from Indonesia and the United States

Featuring Robert W. Hefner, Director of the Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs (CURA) and Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Boston University; Kroc Institute Visiting Fellow

The challenge of formulating ideals and practices for a pluralist co-existence has "gone global" over the past generation. Migration, globalization, and the rise of deeply anti-liberal social movements and populist political currents have destabilized once secure models of liberal citizenship, and raised questions as to whether modern liberalism and citizenship are themselves in crisis. Hefner examines the ideals and practices of pluralist co-existence in Muslim-majority Indonesia and an ostensibly secular liberal United States. He suggests that the best and worst practices of citizenship in these two diverse societies offer important lessons as to how to live together in a deep plural and qualifiedly "post-secular" age.

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