Simone O'Malley-Sutton: Contested Commemorations


Location: Hesburgh Center C104/105

Contested Commemorations: Nationalism and the Irish 1916 Easter Rising as portrayed in the Chinese May Fourth Magazine 新青年 (New Youth) 

The Liu Institute Asia Working Group presents a talk by Simone O'Malley-Sutton which will examine the effect that the Irish Easter Rising of 1916 had upon the Chinese intellectuals of the May Fourth era as they sought to establish a modern Chinese national identity through literature. This study focuses on the article entitled 爱尔兰爱国诗人 ‘Aierlan Aiguo Shiren’ or ‘Irish Patriotic Poets’ written by Liu Ban Nong for the 1st October 1916 edition of the influential Chinese “New Youth” magazine.

Speaker Bio:

Simone O'Malley-Sutton gave lectures for the school of Asian Studies in U.C.C. on modules: CH6314 "Post-Mao Reform Era," CH3304 "Gender, Ethnicity and Class" and CH2209 "Continuous Revolution." The author also lived for almost six years in Beijing, China and lectured on James Joyce in Renmin University and speaks both Chinese and the Irish language. She was recently awarded the Irish Murphy Exchange Fellowship in order to attend Notre Dame University for the second year of her doctorate.