Lecture: World Chinese and Their Grammatical Variations: A Comparable Corpus based Study of Light Verb Constructions and VO Compounds


Location: 317 DeBartolo Hall


Prof. Huang, a noted scholar of Computational Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Ontology,Corpus Linguistics, Chinese Linguistics, and Language Archives from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will share his scholarship at a lecture on Wednesday December 2, 2015. The event will be held in 317 DeBartolo Hall.

A student-event on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 will be held in 119 O'Shaghnessy Hall. Students are highly encouraged to attend. Prof. Huang will speak casually and answer questions about post-baccalaureate opportunities in Hong Kong as well as more about Chinese linguistics. This event is co-sponsored by the Liu Institue, EALC, and the CSLC.