Liberty in North Korea


Location: 231 Hayes Healy Center

imageLiberty in North Korea (LiNK) is a student-led initiative at the University of Notre Dame dedicated to raising awareness and supporting the people of North Korea. LiNK, stands WITH the North Korean people in their fight for freedom.  They are accomplishing this mission through Refugee Rescues, Resettlement Assistance, Empowerment Programs, and Changing the Narrative. 

LiNK will be featuring four North Korean speakers via video, and will present new insights on the potential of the people and exciting ways to stand with them and support change.

You may learn more information by visiting LiNK's wonderful pages: “Why North Korea?”, “Refugee Stories” or Notre Dame's own Fundraising Page

Panera Bread lunch will be served at this year's all-new LiNK event. Please register below so we can provide the correct amount of food. Thank you!

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