Bob Baulch: Human Development and Multidimensional Poverty in Southeast Asia


Bob Baulch, Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow


"Human Development and Multidimensional Poverty in Southeast Asia"
In this research project, three questions concerning human development and multi-dimensional poverty in southeast Asia will be discussed. First, why do the human development and poverty reduction records of countries in the region differ so much? Second, how do the dimensions of poverty in southeast Asia vary according to level of urbanization? Finally, how adequate is the UNDP’s Multidimensional Poverty Index and how might it be improved upon?
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Bob Baulch (PhD, Stanford University), a fall 2015 visiting fellow, is associate professor of economics at RMIT University Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. An agricultural and development economist, he specializes in poverty dynamics, household surveys, and food price analysis. Other interests include agricultural marketing, aid, climate change and sustainability, and microeconometrics. For more about Bob Baulch's work, please visit the Kellogg's site here.