Classical South Indian Solo Dance from the Thanjavur Court


Location: Washington Hall


Classical South Indian Solo Dance from the Thanjavur Court, by Kay Poursine
Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 7pm, Washington Hall
Sponsored by the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies and the Asian Indian Classical Music Society of Michiana

Kay Poursine will perform classical South Indian dance in the Balasaraswati and Veena Dhanammal family style (bani). Jack Anderson at The New York Times said, "Kay Poursine's dancing is a reminder that in art, talent can leap national boundaries...poignant...she upheld the dignity of a great art."

This elegant tradition is comparable to a journey deep into the fabric of Hindu culture, past and present through the refined lens of this celebrated art. "The aesthetics of this style recaptures the original meaning of the word 'sangita' (music), referring to a performance genre in which the music and the dance were inseparable aspects of the rasa (taste, emotion) experience."

This event is free for the Notre Dame/Saint Mary's College community. Admission for the public is $10.