Thanh Binh Le receives Liu Institute MGA fellowship

Author: Liu Institute

Thanh Binh Le

Thanh Binh Le is one of 46 new students to join the Notre Dame master of global affairs program in fall 2021. She will pursue the sustainable development concentration. 

Binh formerly worked for a USAID-funded forestry project in Vietnam, where she expanded monitoring and evaluation capacity for government agencies in 45 provinces. The project culminated in the establishment of a national guideline and platform for the monitoring and evaluation of payment for forestry environmental services.

Her academic interests focus on policy and intervention assessment, and she has professional experience assisting social enterprises in writing impact reports. A devoted writer, Binh maintains a personal blog (in Vietnamese) about life as a young adult. She is the recipient of a Liu Institute fellowship.

The Liu Institute supports two MGA students each year. In addition to Binh, the Institute is proud to support Mikaela Bona of the Philippines.