President Obama Announces New Program to Dramatically Expand U.S. Mandarin Learning

Author: Patrick Deegan

1 Million Strong Initiative to Grow US Mandarin Study by Five Times in 2020
Washington, DC – September 25, 2015 – President Obama, during the first state visit to Washington by China’s President Xi Jinping, announced a sweeping new nationwide initiative to see 1 million American students studying Mandarin by 2020.
The President called for a dramatic expansion of Mandarin language learning. Specifically, the 1 Million Strong initiative would in five years grow the number of K-12 students studying Mandarin in the US from approximately 200,000 to 1 million. The effort seeks to develop Mandarin language curriculum norms, double the number of Mandarin language teachers in the US and support the development of new technology platforms to enhance accessibility of language learning to remote and underserved communities.
For more information, please visit the 100K Strong site [here].