Newly Acquired Chinese Digital Archives at the Hesburgh Libraries

Author: Patrick Deegan

Thanks to two acquisitions grants with supporting funds from scholars at Notre Dame, the Liu Institute, and the Hesburgh Libraries, we are pleased to announce the following digital databases:

1. 晚清期刊全文数据库(1833-1911). Wan Qing qi kan quan wen shu ju ku (1833-1911) =  Late Qing dynasty periodical full-text database (1833-1911)

2. 民国时期期刊全文数据库(1911-1949). Minguo shi qi qi kan quan wen shu ju ku (1911-1949) =  Chinese periodical full-text database (1911~1949)

3. 字林洋行中英文报纸全文数据库. Zi lin yang hang Zhong Ying wen bao zhi quan wen shu ju ku = North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951) 

Currently the archives may be accessessed by Notre Dame affiliates here: