New Less Commonly Taught Languages offered at ND: Swahili, Bengali, Vietnamese, and Turkish

Author: Tessa Raymond

The CSLC's LCTLs Program is happy to announce that they will be offering 5 less commonly taught language classes in Fall 2017:


CSLC 10101/60001 Beginning Swahili I

CSLC 10111/60111 Beginning Bengali

CSLC 10121/60121 Beginning Vietnamese I

CSLC 10131/60131 Beginning Turkish I

CSLC 20201/60201 Intermediate Swahili I


**There is also a course in Bengali literature and culture (CSLC 20611/60611) and an option for Intermediate Vietnamese if enough interest is expressed.

If you are interested and haven't signed up, do so now. Class days and times will be selected by students enrolled in the courses.

Please email Denise Ayo with in any questions (