Asian Studies courses for spring 2020

Author: Liu Institute

Whether you're interested in examining Asia through anthropology, art history, literature, history, global affairs, or a number of other areas, you'll find a fascinating and meaningful Asian Studies course this spring.

Take a look at the full list of Asian Studies courses here. And enjoy a few of the course posters below.

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East Asian Cities in the Global Economy: From Growth to Governance

Asia Spring 2020 Courses 30006 Postcard Copy

Asia and the New World Order

Asia 30005 S19 Fv

Law and War in Asia

Asia Spring 2020 Courses 30010 Postcard

Modern Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Lit Spring 2020 Updated Copy

Modern China on Screen: Intro to Chinese Films

This course introduces contemporary cinemas of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan by focusing on a selection of internationally acclaimed Chinese films. In addition to examining cultural background, narrative themes and cinematic technique of the films, we will be exploring how these selected films response to fundamental issues such as history, gender, identity, memory, social justice, nationalism, and globalization. The goals of the course are to introduce students to major films and directors in contemporary China, to learn Chinese culture, value and history through films, and to refine students' abilities to analyze and write about film critically. All readings are in English, no prior knowledge of Chinese language or culture is required. All films selected for the course have English subtitles. 

Xian China On Screen Spring 2020

Introduction to Buddhism: Stories, Scriptures, and Saints

This course is an introduction to Buddhism and requires no prior knowledge of the subject. In taking it, you will learn about what kinds of things Buddhism might be: a dispensation, a teaching, a philosophy, a religion, a way of life. You will learn Buddhist concepts, cosmologies, narratives, doctrines, and practices. But you will also learn how Buddhists learn these too, as we consider the media through which something called Buddhism is lived and learned - or even studied as if presented in a textbook in a college classroom. 

Buddhism Spring 2020 Web

The Art of the Supernatural in East Asia 

Coleman Arhi 30710 Poster