Media guide for India's general election

Author: Liu Institute

India Elections

The 2019 general election in India, sometimes referred to as the Lok Sabha (House of the People) election is now in full swing and will conclude on May 19. The results will be calculated and announced on May 23. The newly elected parliament will then choose a prime minister.

In choosing their legislators, the people of India have multiple issues in mind, including the economy and job market. Although the Indian economy is growing, the New York Times reports that “more and more Indians are out of work.” Other major concerns include health care, drinking water and better roads, according to a nationwide survey. Facing the repercussions of severe drought, farmers are desperate for support from the state.

Experts are also keeping their eye on the female vote, as record numbers of women are expected at the voting booths. Religion has featured prominently in the campaign rhetoric of numerous politicians, some of whom have been censured for hate speech by the Indian Election Commission for their polarizing references.

These Notre Dame experts on India and South Asia are available to comment on various aspects of the election.