Hesburgh Library receives grant towards acquiring the Chinamaxx Digital Libraries

Author: Megan McNichols

The Hesburgh Library has received a major grant towards acquiring the Chinamaxx Digital Libraries. The Notre Dame Chinamaxx Library consists of roughly 222,000 volumes that and span nearly 700 years of publication. The acquisition is comprised of two main database categories: traditional Chinese culture, and modern and contemporary China.
The new Chinamaxx Library collection contains corpora of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, a majority of which are new to the Hesburgh Libraries. Included are local gazetteers 地方志 and cultural and historical records 文史资料 that are generally sought, but rarely available to researchers of history, literature, political science, and religion. Also included are Communist Party documents, analyses of the PRC’s international relations, military analyses of China and other countries, propaganda materials from various political campaigns, pre-modern and modern literature (nonfiction, fiction, and poetry), authoritative edited versions of ancient texts, theatre historiography, theatre production manuals, linguistic theories, and theories of Chinese as a second language.