Kyle Jaros named visiting senior fellows at Truman Center for National Policy

Author: Liu Institute

Kyle Jaros Truman Center

Kyle Jaros, associate professor of global affairs and a Liu Institute faculty fellow, has been named a visiting senior fellow for U.S.-China subnational relations for the Truman Center, an independent, nonpartisan research and policy institute that unites and equips a diverse community of American leaders to produce timely, innovative, and principled solutions to complex national security challenges.

Jaros, along with Sara Newland of Smith College, will lead the organization’s new project examining local views across the United States on the bilateral relationship between the United States and China.

Building on the Truman Center’s expanding City & State Diplomacy portfolio, this new project will develop a detailed understanding of how leaders at the city level, across a diverse cross-section of American cities, manage their economic, political, educational, and cultural ties with China and mitigate potential risks.

“The U.S.-China relationship has a substantial impact in every American city and on global trends,” said Jon Temin, the Truman Center’s Vice President of Policy and Programs. “By exploring the subnational dimensions of this relationship, this project will elevate crucial local voices attuned to America’s national security and economic competitiveness. We’re thrilled to welcome Sara and Kyle, two leading scholars recognized for their cutting-edge research on subnational relations between the U.S. and China.”

Over one year, the Truman Center will focus on four American cities, meeting with leaders who feel the impact of evolving U.S.-China relations at the local level and connecting them with Washington policymakers. Together, Jaros and Newland bring to Truman deep expertise in global affairs, political economy, and U.S.-China subnational relations.

Kyle Jaros is Associate Professor of Global Affairs in the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs. Jaros’s research explores the politics of urban and regional development, intergovernmental relations, and subnational foreign engagement with a focus on China. Jaros holds a PhD in political science from the Department of Government at Harvard University. He is also a fellow in the Public Intellectuals Program of the National Committee on US-China Relations and is a former Wilson China Fellow.