Undergrad Administers Coronavirus Vaccines at Campus Clinics

Author: Laurel Clements '22

Lucia Chang
Lucia Chang administers the first coronavirus shot to a fellow ND student at a
vaccine clinic in April.

Yu-Tzu Lucia Chang, a junior from Taiwan, is a trained emergency medical technician—a certification that came in useful during spring semester 2021. When Notre Dame scheduled its vaccination clinics for students, Chang stepped up to administer shots to her peers.

“I had been working on the University’s Covid Response Unit at the nasal swab testing site,” said Chang, a biochemistry and theology major who plans to become a physician. “When the vaccine clinic opened, they needed extra support from student EMTs, so I worked at the clinic as well. I wanted to be a part of the process of keeping everyone safe and healthy!”

“I felt like I was contributing a little toward maintaining the health and safety of people on campus."

Chang estimates she delivered more than 150 injections, and was mindful to make her patients relaxed. “I tried to provide them as much comfort as possible by speaking slowly and giving them assurance. I told them it was OK and normal to be scared. I distracted their attention by asking about how their day had been or something as simple as talking about the weather. I also tried to administer the shot as fast as possible to lessen the pain.”

The entire experience turned out to be meaningful. “I felt like I was contributing a little toward maintaining the health and safety of people on campus. It was especially meaningful for me when people came in feeling scared and nervous, but then feeling a lot better after they got their vaccine. 

“It is also wonderful to just see how much time and effort that countless campus workers, medical staff, and volunteers poured in to make the vaccine clinic possible. The clinic ran so well and it is because of the thoughtful planning done by the staff. Furthermore, it was just amazing to see all the volunteer staff from all across campus coming to donate their time to provide such a wonderful experience for ND members. I have met so many wonderful people with amazing life stories. I was able to talk to staff who I would rarely have the chance to cross paths! And the students were all respectful and cooperative. 

Overall, it was just a huge joy working at the clinic.”