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Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

As you’ll see in this year in review, the 2022-23 academic year was excellent for our efforts to educate about Asia. In particular, the Liu Institute hosted brilliant speakers at our signature events in the spring.

After a five-year hiatus, we held our Asia Leadership Forum on March 21, 2023, with guest speaker Maria Ressa, a Filipino and American journalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for reporting on abuses of power and fake news in the Philippines. Notre Dame Law Professor Diane Desierto, a Liu Institute faculty fellow and international human rights attorney, moderated the event.

A month later, esteemed Buddhist philosophy scholar Jay Garfield was our first in-person speaker for our Justice and Asia Distinguished Lecture on April 13, 2023. Mike Zhao, a Liu Institute faculty fellow and assistant professor of philosophy, moderated the discussion.

Both speakers delivered important messages on how to consider the problems of our world and how we might respond to them.

Ressa, who is known internationally for standing up to dictators and corruption, cautioned young people about looking for meaning in scrolling through social media and urged them to determine their values early in life to help them discern how they will respond to challenges. “You have to make it clear because we human beings have a wonderful ability to rationalize everything … You have to draw the line first before you can hold the line.”

Garfield urged his audience to pay attention to structural violence and to work to dismantle it as Buddhist doctrine prescribes. “Human rights and the pursuit of justice are an upaya, a skillful means that we can use in our rhetoric and in our action to realize these values of friendship, of care, of impartiality, of sympathetic joy in our political institutions and in the modern means through which we can dismantle and replace structural violence that conditions our collective life.”

22 23 By The Numbers

Part of the mission of the University of Notre Dame is to “create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice.” The Liu Institute was honored to contribute to the University’s mission in such a meaningful way this year, while simultaneously enhancing our community’s exposure to, and understanding of, Asian realities and Asian cultures and traditions.

The past years have seen an unprecedented increase in appointments of Asianists to the Notre Dame faculty. Also, the Liu Institute’s teaching programs in Asian Studies are attracting record numbers of students. We look forward to continuing our expansion, forging ever-closer ties between Asia and Notre Dame, and bringing nuanced and in-depth understanding of Asia to all members of our community.

Michel Hockx

In Notre Dame,

Michel Hockx

Director, Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies and Professor of Chinese Literature


The photo at the top of the page, of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, was taken by University photographer Barbara Johnston, who accompanied a Liu Institute-sponsored multidisciplinary research team to Japan in May 2023.


Ressa Desierto 1600x

Asia Leadership Forum with Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, an American and Filipino journalist who won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, delivered the keynote address on March 21, 2023. Diane Desierto, a Liu Institute faculty fellow and international human rights attorney who represents Ressa, moderated the discussion.

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Jay Garfield And Mike Zhao Large

Justice and Asia Distinguished Lecture with Jay Garfield

Buddhism scholar Jay Garfield delivered the keynote address on April 13, 2023. It was moderated by Mike Zhao, a Liu Institute faculty fellow and assistant professor of philosophy.

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Border Crossings 1600x1067 Just Graphic

Border Crossings in Asian Humanities Series

A three-part lecture series and a film screening examined Asian experiences of transnational migration through the lens of humanities disciplines.

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Photo Grid Faculty Fellows All

Faculty Research and News

Nine new faculty fellows joined the Liu Institute in the 2022-23 academic year. Read about their areas of research as well as additional faculty publications and working group news.

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Justice And Asia 1600x

Justice and Asia Projects

The Liu Institute approved nine Justice and Asia grants in 2022-23 to faculty and students for projects that examine justice and Asia from a range of perspectives. Two existing projects received funding to continue their activities, including a project that took five students to Japan to examine resiliency in Fukushima.

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Nd By Night Image 2 1600x900

Students News and Research

The Liu Institute continues to support graduate and undergraduate students in and out of the classroom for Asia-related
courses, research projects, language training, internships, and other experiences.

(Above) Students participate in Notre Dame by Night, an annual cultural performance sponsored by the University's Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) and supported by the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.

Ishika Sharan Web

Ishika Sharan receives Liu Institute MGA fellowship

The Liu Institute provides a full-tuition fellowship each year to a first-year and a second-year Master of Global Affairs (MGA) student at the Keough School of Global Affairs whose academic and/or career interests are connected to Asia.

The 2022–23 first-year recipient was Ishika Sharan of India, who is pursuing the MGA’s governance and policy concentration.

Sharan previously worked as a research associate with the Trivedi Centre for Political Data in India, where she led projects that helped build open-source, accessible datasets on public institutions and power holders in India that will help answer questions about representation of power in the country. She holds a master’s degree in liberal studies from Ashoka University, where she was a Young India Fellow. She majored in political science and media studies, and her thesis examined the use of disinformation in news media as a way to legitimize political violence against minority communities in India.

Prior to her graduate studies, Sharan worked with the Akanksha Foundation, teaching students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and helping build sustainable liaisons with community members to ensure continued support and interest in the students’ education.

Graduating Seniors

Four students graduated in 2023 with an Asian Studies supplementary major, minor, or Global Affairs concentration. History major Lingxiao Linda Gao earned the Asian Studies supplementary major. Economics major Conrado Alcantara earned the Asian Studies minor. Political science major Rose Benas and finance major Tommy Han earned the global affairs supplementary major with a Global Asia concentration.

Web Linda Lingxiao Gao Extended Background
Lingxiao Linda Gao, Asian Studies Supplementary major
Web Conrado Extended Background
Conrado Alcantara, Asian Studies minor
Web Benas 8 2020
Rose Benas, Global Affairs Supplementary Major with Global Asia Concentration
Web Tommy Han Headshot
Tommy Han, Global Affairs Supplementary Major with Global Asia Concentration
Emma Jackson Photo 3 Web
Emma Jackson, Master of Global Affairs Candidate '23 in International Peace Studies in the Keough School of Global Affairs, received funding from the Liu Institute for her research on “Mapping Digital Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka: PeaceTech for Social Cohesion, Human Security, and Social Justice.”

Student Projects

Over 30 undergraduate and graduate students received funding from the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies for research, internships, conference presentations, and language study grants. 

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Jandro Alcantara Michel Hockx Web 1000x

In Closing

My Asian Studies Path

Jandro Alcantara ’23

Economics major, Asian Studies minor

Having grown up in the Philippines, I found it incredibly rewarding to deepen my knowledge of Asian Studies by pursuing a minor through the Liu Institute. My desire to expand my understanding of the region I call home led me to this academic pursuit. My time at Notre Dame has been nothing short of remarkable, allowing me the opportunity to learn from distinguished scholars in the field of Asian Studies and to meet exceptional individuals, such as Filipino activist Maria Ressa. The culmination of my studies— including my capstone project “Martial Arts Cinema: A Reflection of Chinese Ideology” with Professor Xian Wang—has provided me with a rich and nuanced appreciation of the complex history that underpins the Philippines. Looking back, I feel immensely grateful for the experiences I have had at Notre Dame and the invaluable insights I have gained, including those through my Asian Studies minor.

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Our vision is to establish a world class, renowned, and multidisciplinary institute that leverages Notre Dame's strengths and that is consistent with the University's overarching mission.  As we aspire to fulfill this vision, we acknowledge the contributions of our staff members and advisory board.

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