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The Liu Institute offers funding to undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing Asia-related research or participating in non-language educational travel in Asia. 

Student Grants Academic Year 2022-23 

Application Requirements


Research funding from the Liu Institute is available for all current undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing. Students applying for funding must have the endorsement of a Notre Dame faculty member. Preference is given to undergraduate students pursuing a supplementary major or minor in Asian Studies.

Students are encouraged to seek additional funding from other intra- and extramural sources.


Proposals are reviewed by a committee appointed by the Institute. Funding will be awarded based on the quality of the proposal, relevance of the activity to the mission of the Institute, and budgetary appropriateness.


Maximum award: $1,500

Requests for funding exceeding the maximum award amount will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Any publication of the student's work resulting from this grant must include an appropriate acknowledgment of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies. Other requirements may be attached to the award letter.

Human Research Subjects

Any project that involves the use of human subjects must be approved by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board. For details of the procedure, please contact Notre Dame Research. Committee approval must be completed or pending for the program to accept a proposal, and no award will be made to a project involving human subjects without the approval of the University Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects.

Application Deadlines

Fall/Winter - October 23, 2022  
Spring/Summer - March 19, 2023  

To Apply:

Complete the online application form, uploading a single PDF with a statement of purpose and line-item budget. Your transcript can be uploaded via the online form or emailed to Your faculty letter of recommendation can be emailed to

  1. Statement of Purpose (in PDF form):
    • Description of research topic and context within the field
    • Previous relevant research on the topic
    • Research location, duration
    • Supervising advisor and the role he or she will play in your research
    • Methodology and materials used
    • Expected outcome, both abstract (in terms of research) and concrete (such as publications)
    • Relevance and value to the Institute
    • Other sources (internal and external) from which funding has been requested
  2. Line-item budget with justification (in spreadsheet form)
  3. Transcript (unofficial transcript accepted)
  4. Letter of recommendation from the advising faculty member