Course Development Grants

Funding is available to encourage the development of courses that have Asia, a specific Asian country/region, or Asia-related topics as the primary organizing structure and theme. Materials grants can be used for teaching materials, supplementary travel, or research (e.g. books). Any course developed using this grant will be cross listed in Asian Studies and must be offered at least twice in a two-year period by the faculty receiving the grant.

Faculty applying for course development grants must be Fellows of the Liu Institute.

Maximum award

*Up to $5,000 is available for courses being planned and taught collaboratively by two or more scholars.

Proposal submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until funding runs out.

Application Requirements
Please send the following to the Liu Institute at

1. A proposal narrative of no more than 4 single-spaced pages, which should address:

  • perceived need for the course in Asian Studies
  • teaching methods, including media and other resources to be used
  • the target student population and its prerequisite knowledge
  • the optimal class size and projected enrollment goals
  • the course's focal point
  • plans to advertise the course
  • how the development of this course is beyond the normal scope of your responsibility as a faculty member

2. Abbreviated CV (~2 pages) 

3. Budget including line item expenses 


Please direct any questions you may have to Megan McNichols at or 574-631-4409.