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Detail from an illustration to a Ragmala series: Shankara Ragaputra of Megha Raga, sub-imperial Mughal, North India, c. 1610-20.Detail from an illustration to a Ragmala series: "Shankara Ragaputra of Megha Raga," sub-imperial Mughal, North India, c. 1610-20.


A coalition of Liu Institute fellows with South Asia research interests formed the South Asia Group in 2017. The group has become instrumental in guiding the Liu Institute’s growth and focus in this important region.

The South Asia Group reflects our efforts to expand scholarship, connections, and student experiences focused on this area and its people. Spearheaded by Amitava Dutt, Susan Ostermann, and Nikhil Menon, the group is interdisciplinary and open to all faculty and students with an interest in South Asia. Guided by the interests of its members, the South Asia Group hosts a variety of South Asia-related programs throughout the year, including regular seminars, panel discussions, and lecture series, all of which are supported by the Liu Institute. The group also works closely with the Notre Dame Global Center in Mumbai, India, to develop links with local universities and colleges.


Overall, the South Asia Group’s coordinated, faculty-led effort advances the Liu Institute’s strategy to expand its South Asian focus and strengthens its general efforts to promote Asia.



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Notre Dame South Asia Conference: "Religion, Public Policy, and Development"
May 14 and 15, 2019
Keough School Washington Office

South Asia is home to all of the world’s major religions—from Hinduism and Buddhism to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. As an integral part of life in the sub-continent, religion can play a positive role in human development, and it can be an inhibiting factor for public policy implementation.

The newly formed Notre Dame South Asia Group hosts a two-day conference to explore religion, public policy, and development—at a critical time when the Rohingya refugee crisis destabilizes Myanmar and Bangladesh, and the ongoing elections in India highlight the rise of Hindu nationalism in the world’s largest democracy.


The first day of the conference is aimed at academics. The second day is open to the public.


May 14, 2019
South Asia Conference Day One Schedule 

The Religion Factor: Why Policy in South Asia Can't Ignore Faith
May 15, 2019 
South Asia Conference Day Two Schedule

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