Capstone Requirement

A capstone essay is required for both the supplementary major and the minor in Asian Studies. It must be an essay of significant depth and scholarship related to Asia.

The requirement can be fulfilled using a substantive or augmented paper project written for an upper level course taken during the senior year, with permission from the instructor. Alternatively, if a student has a close relationship with a faculty member who is willing to advise in the research and completion of a separate paper project, that student may submit a completed capstone essay other than that written for a course.


The finished essay must be submitted to the faculty member teaching the course or overseeing the paper project, who will then grade the essay and complete theĀ Capstone Completion Form. The faculty member must then submit the signed completion form, as well as an electronic copy of the student's essay, to the Asian Studies Program Coordinator for final approval from the Institute for Asia and Asian Studies.