The Liu Institute is a dedicated, international community of students, faculty, and staff.

Led by Director Michel Hockx, a professor of Chinese literature, the Institute is served by a staff, a faculty committee, and an advisory board of alumni from Asia and the United States.

The number of faculty fellows of the Liu Institute has grown significantly in recent years and currently stands at 85 faculty fellows from across campus and disciplines. Fellows contribute to the Institute through teaching, research, events, mentorship, planning, and other avenues. Above all, their involvement allows the Liu Institute to adapt and respond to global developments that affect the understanding of Asia.

The Liu Institute also hosts visiting scholars from universities around the world and postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants from Asia.

Notre Dame’s undergraduate and graduate students are the focus of Institute efforts. The Liu Institute is honored to shape the education and opportunities of these talented young people in their enthusiasm to learn about and experience Asia.